Sici Says

Our little Sici has always been very verbal.  She takes after her Aunt Mandy who majored in English ;) Strangers comment all the time how well spoken she is for her age.  Words are just her thing.  If she hears a new word, nine times out of ten she will repeat it flawlessly.  There's very little I have to correct her on in regards to her vocabulary.  But like any three year old some things she says are so adorably "wrong" I want to remember them forever!   Some words she corrects herself pretty quickly on and others she has said in her own way for quite some time.

My all-time favorite that she has been saying this whole year is lemolade.  Go ahead and say it out loud because it is the cutest thing ever!  Lemonade is her favorite drink and when she first started saying "lemolade" I repeated it the correct way, but she never budged.  Now the whole family calls it lemolade, and I think I will cry when she starts saying it the right way!

Another one that she has said for a good year, maybe more is the word "oils."  We have been using essential oils since she was a year old so when she started talking about them I almost died.  It took me forever to figure out exactly how she said it, but it sounds something like "wh-oils."  She accentuates the beginning of the word and it sounds like there's a little "W" and maybe an "R" in there.  We are an oily family so there is always plenty of opportunity for her to talk about her "wh-oils."

When I first started giving her vitamins, she called them her bitamins.  It's very common for kids to use a "B" when referring to a word beginning with "V".  She corrected herself on this pretty quick, but it was pretty cute for the month that she said it.

Lately, she has been telling me "to stop rupting her!"  As in don't interrupt her while she is talking.  Again she is heavy on the "R" so it's more like "don't rrupt me!"  I can tell she feels pretty proud whens she says it - she thinks it's payback for all the times I've told her that!

And this one always makes me smile.  Every once in awhile she'll say she wants to give me a massage.  But it comes out "mas-sage."  She sure knows the way to her mama's heart!

Oh, how I love her little voice and all her big words.  I hope she always wants to talk to her mama as much as she does now.


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