Snapshots of 2016

{Sici at 3 years and 2 months}

What a year!  I think we finally caught our breath with this whole parenting thing.  So far, age three has been a blast!  We all have grown and stretched this year - it's crazy to look back and see how far we have come since January.   We are just so thankful for another year to love each other and live each day to the fullest.  Here's our top ten snapshots of 2016!

1. I finished two Project Life albums this year!  I finished our first family album from 2015 and compiled all of Sienna's professional photo sessions into one album.  It makes me so happy to have both of these completed.  My next goal is to finish two more family albums this year, one for 2016 and one for 2017.  

2. We went on four trips last year: one was with Bryant's work and the others were just for fun.  I think we established that we love to get out of town three times a year: spring break, summer vacation and fall break.  Even if its just a day trip or an overnight trip, I love to get away each spring. Last March we took an overnight trip to Oxford and it was the perfect little getaway to welcome spring.  In May, we took an epic 17 day road trip to Sandestin and Walt Disney World.  And after a day and a half at home we threw our clothes back into the suitcases and headed to Knoxville for the week with Bryant's work.  We ended our trips for the year with a super fun fall getaway to Nashville.

3. I started the year off reading through a couple books a month and then slowed down after our summer vacation.  This coincided with the time that Sienna started devouring books so most of what I read now are children's books.  I'm still reading through the Steve Wiggins Bible Challenge with our church.  This is my second year to read one chapter a day from the Bible.  I love the slower pace and am excited that there is still an entire year left to go!

{My faves from 2016}

4.  Along with all those children's books we read, we started Homeschool Preschool!  I realized early in the year that Sienna needed more to keep her occupied, especially since she stopped napping and requires less sleep overall.  I ordered the Deluxe Preschool Package for three year olds from My Father's World and we began in May.  We took the summer off and started officially in August.  She absolutely loves it!  It has been so good for all of us to have some structured activities to fill our day.

{First day of preschool}

5. Sici got a new cousin this year!  This year was all about baby Sam!  We celebrated all year starting with his gender reveal party, three baby showers in the summer, and finally his grand entrance three days before Sici's third birthday!  August babies are the best ;)  We were all present at his baby dedication in the fall, and Christmas was extra special this year with two little ones to spoil.  Sam, we sure do love you! 

{Meeting baby Sam for the first time}

6. Sienna turned three this year!  Looking back at our Snapshots of 2015, I mentioned that she was constantly on the move.  Well this past year I felt like her brain was always on the move!  This little girl loves to learn and it is a joy to watch her grow, develop and challenge herself.  We celebrated her three years with a Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse birthday party.  We were still on a Disney World high so a character themed birthday party was a no-brainer ;)

7. After Sienna's birthday, we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and both our birthdays.  Wow,  we really sound old.  But I love that we married young and am thankful for each year we have together.  Life is such a precious gift - it should never be taken for granted.  I sure do love this guy and our life together!  

{Daddy's "Grinch" cake}

8. Miles turned 9 this year.  My advice for those thinking of getting a pet: NOT during the little years!  Pets are great before you have kids, and I'm sure just as great during the empty-nester stage.  But oh my word, I don't need anyone else to take care of right now!  (Sorry, Miles, it just is what it is.)

9.  We joined a new Life Group this year at our church, and are really enjoying the people we have met.  For the class Christmas party, we had a progressive dinner at three houses and we hosted the first stop of the night.    

{Appetizer table}

10. Our family's word for 2016 was HARVEST.  My first thoughts on "harvest" were all positive.  Words such as joy, fruit, success, and abundance all came to mind.  But as the year progressed I realized that reaping a harvest takes a lot of work.  HARD work.  You reap what you sow, and sowing is active.  It takes effort.  You must do the hard work today, knowing that the harvest is future tense.  2016 was a year learning to wait patiently for the harvest, trusting that even on the hard pathways He is dropping fatness all around us.   

"You crown the year with a bountiful harvest, even the hard pathways overflow with abundance." 
{Psalm 65:11}


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