Sici & Me {33.5 months}

{Knoxville Zoo}

It's been way too long since I've given an update, and you won't stop changing!  I've definitely figured out a pattern: every three months you have a major change.  Whether it's a schedule change or a developmental leap you change in some dramatic way - that I can count on!  As soon as I think, "I've got this" you throw me off my game, and I have to come up with a whole new game plan.  I don't know if all kids like variety as much as you do, but you sure do keep me on my toes.  

The last update was 10 months ago, but if feels more like years ago!  When I read it, I can't believe the vast difference.  At 27 months, you began dropping your naps.  It took you three months to transition from four to two naps a week at 30 months.  You stayed with one or two naps a week until 33 months.  Basically after a week of going hard, you will finally give in and nap one day out of seven.  

At 31 months, the time changed and you started staying up an hour and a half longer each night!  I had just gotten used to the no naps/ early bedtime routine and then you dropped the early bedtime.  After a couple months of this, I discovered you needed more (story of your life) during the day.  So I ordered some preschool curriculum.  And at 33 months, we added an hour of preschool activities to our day.  

You have gone from talking in sentences to talking in paragraphs.  Your enunciation is so precise!  You love words and you devour books.  We get lots of comments on how surprising it is that you talk so well for a two year old.  

Your hair has gotten so long!  It is several inches past your shoulders when wet.  I wash your hair every other day and comb it piece by piece after your bath.  This takes 20 minutes!  When I am done, you say "Am I tangle free?"  You are truly the cutest.

You love to be around other kids.  If you see a group of kids playing chase, you join the fun and start running with them.  And you have called quite a few little girls "your sister."  Elsa and Anna's story is rubbing off on you.  Oh, I would love for you to have a sister one day (sigh).   

You are more attached than ever to your father and I.  The last three months you haven't been away from us - one of us has been with you every minute of the day.  Yes, we have gone on 1,000 less dates than other parents, but there has been extra hours with you.  And besides we will have plenty of time to go to the movies when you're in college.  

To sum up the last three months, I would say we have had lots of quality time with you, including a 17 day vacation!  My prayer is that all the love, time and affection we pour into you will saturate your heart like a million tiny seeds that will one day grow into a harvest so strong and brave.  We love you, Sienna Claire!  


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