Sienna's 3rd Halloween!


This Halloween was so much fun!  I'm not one that enjoys dressing up, but watching Sienna dress up was one of those moments that are so rewarding as a parent because your child IS SO HAPPY SHE'S WEARING AN ELSA DRESS!  Yes, princess dresses and Disney Stores that let your child try on their princess dress in a castle are a couple things that little girls go crazy over!  I didn't buy an outfit for Sienna's first Halloween since she was just a couple months old. The night of I remembered we had a pumpkin outfit in the closet that used to fit Miles.  But after a few big tears we took it off.  Halloween 2014 we dressed her as a kitty cat and pulled her around our cove in her red wagon.  This year she said she wanted to walk to trick-or-treat and I had a, "You are such a grown up toddler" moment.  It was fun letting her pick out her own costume - a pink ELSA dress - from the Dallas Disney Store.  The hard part is convincing her she cannot nap in it, eat spaghetti in it or wear it to church.  





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