Sienna Turns Two! {A Pineapple Princess}

{party prep}

When planning Sienna's pineapple birthday party, I wanted an activity that most of her two-year old friends would enjoy while keeping them engaged.  Since Sienna loves her Kindermusik class with Ms. Karen each week, I thought she would be excited to have a class at her house for her party.  And the response couldn't have been better!  All her friends had a blast dancing and playing instruments to Hawaiian music.  She still talks about when "all the people come over" and waves her arm to show me.  It is the cutest!  This little girl definitely enjoyed her 2nd birthday party.  So much so, she didn't nap for the next two days!  But hey, who needs sleep when you're a pineapple princess?

{breaking out the hula hoops}

 {partying like a pineapple}

 {opening presents}

 {reading her new llama llama Red Pajama book}


{daddy, i need you to open this right now!}

{it's not a party without a Cinderella princess dress!}


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