Sici & Me {24.5 months}

{zoo day}

I know I will appreciate recording a few thoughts about what life looks like currently in these Sici & Me posts.  The first one I wrote was six months ago, and wow, you have changed so much!  This picture shows what our days look like now that you are two years old!  First, I switched out the diaper bag for a back pack so I can be hands free at all times.  Next, you'll notice the tennis shoes that I am wearing because we are always on the go!  And finally, you LOVE to be outside.  This picture is from the zoo which is one of our favorite places to go.  And I must admit all the fresh air is nice ;)

A typical day for us looks like... The schedule has definitely changed in six months.  We wake up at 8 a.m., and I now focus on getting myself ready and forgo the morning chores.  We get out of the house every single day around 10 a.m. for a couple hours.  Six months ago I could run errands and that counted as our activity.  But ever since you turned two, you require at least an hour of physical activity or you will not nap!  Playgrounds have become our friend these last couple of weeks.  I try and have you home for lunch at 12:30 p.m., and your nap has now moved to 2:00 p.m.  I noticed that you do really well with an hour of down time at home before your nap.  After a morning out and about, you prefer to play by yourself or have me read a couple books to you before our afternoon car ride (which still puts you to sleep.  Hallelujah.)  You nap anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours.  Most days you finish your nap in my arms on the couch.  I really do love these cuddle times with you.  I could just eat you up - especially when you nap because you look so sweet.  Dinner works better at 6 p.m. now and bath time is at 8:30 p.m.  Bedtime is at 10 p.m. (I guess I'll sleep when you go to college.)  Overall, you are sleeping SO much better now.  Only 1-2 night wakings per night vs. the 4-5 wakings that were the norm at 18 months.  I think it is safe to say those sleepless nights are behind us!  I am so glad you are getting more rest now, and mama sure has benefited from it as well!

Something new... You are talking in sentences!  You are communicating so well and every once in awhile you will put five words together and blow me away.  When there is something you don't want to do, instead of  saying "NO," you say, "mama do it" or "daddy do it."  When you want to be held you say, "hold her" and it melts my heart when daddy is at work and you ask where he is by saying, "Daddy hold her?"  The funniest thing is when you tell me to sit by you in the backseat of the car.  "Mama, sit right here!"  And that right pointer finger gets me every time!  

Something old... You are still so thoughtful.  You don't like anyone to be left out.  You make sure mama, daddy and mae mae are all taken care of.  When I tell you Jesus loves you, you always ask if me and daddy are loved too.  Or if you really like something that I've given you to eat, you always offer a bite to daddy.  I love your tender heart!

Your favorites are... You love your matching game!  I've started to set out more educational activities for you to play with and you are really enjoying them.  And you love to sing!  I love to hear you sing along with me especially when you sing the last word of each line.  When your sweet voice chimes in, it is the most precious thing I've ever heard.

We are looking forward to... Cooler temps for the next month!  Since we spend most mornings outside, the next month or two should be perfect playground weather.  I want to enjoy this active stage with you as you explore and go on adventures every day.  

What I want to remember... The little things.  How you can now climb into your chair by yourself for meal times and how you pick out your outfits and pjs every day (you love dresses by the way).  The way those four little canines (that have finally poked through) look so cute when you laugh (you now have 16 teeth!).  How you ask to wear your tennis shoes every day because you correlate tennis shoes with playgrounds.  The way you say your little yellow dog's name, "Biscuit!" And how you never miss a thing!  You are an observant one, that's for sure.  I can't wait to see how your personality continues to grow.  You are truly a delight!  I still love spending every day (and night) with you.  xoxo, mama.   


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