Birthday Gifts for a Two Year Old

{celebrating Papa's 71st birthday}

Wow, this year has gone by much faster than the first year!  In a little over a month, we will be celebrating our sweet girl's second birthday.  I have already started planning her party, and am really excited about this year's theme.  If you want to see some sneak peaks, you can follow my Pinterest board.  We started talking this weekend about what we are going to get her for her birthday, and I think we decided on a wood table and chairs.  We have a small plastic table that we have used to put her snacks on for awhile now so I think she would love an upgrade for her birthday.  Something a little more sturdy where she can color and play with her stickers.  I'm been compiling a list of ideas for her birthday gifts for several weeks.  Here are some ideas of what she would like right now.  And I'd love to hear any ideas if there's something I haven't thought about!

1. Madame Alexander doll.  I love the Madame Alexander babies that are dressed in pretty dresses like Sweet Baby Huggable Huggums.  They also have a new Fancy Pants Baby Girl Doll that is dressed in play clothes and looks just as sweet.  
3. Disney Blu-rays: Frozen / Dumbo101 Dalmatians / Lady and the Tramp
5. Any kind of stickers.  She loves stickers!
6. We have a Cinderella doll, but I think she would love a "Mermaid" doll as well.  My First Disney Princess Under the Sea Doll looks like it would be a hit!  And let's go ahead and throw Elsa in there too!  This Disney Frozen Exclusive 12" Elsa Doll looks just like Elsa in the movie.  We are getting a lot of requests for "Eltsa" around here.  
7. Books!  Books are Sienna's favorite thing, especially big books with lots of pictures like Disney's 5-Minute Fairy Tales Book.  
8. To even out all the princess stuff, I think she would like Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set.  She loves balls and could use a couple smaller ones to play with.  
9.  Let's not forget a Cinderella Dress!  But we can check this one off the list thanks to Aunt Mandy!
10. This is more for me than her, but if I was going to splurge I'd be tempted to get the MIDI City Scape Mat - Love Taza Collection from Let's Playground.  I just love all their mats and think a bonded leather mat is a genius idea!
11. I am super excited that Cotton Tails started carrying ella + mila non-toxic nail polish!  Can you believe Sienna already asked for me to paint her toenails?  
12. We want to get a balance bike in the near future (maybe Christmas) but haven't decided on the exact one yet.  Maybe for now this Disney Drive Along Princess or Elsa Light n' Sound Activity Ride On would be fun?  I've also heard these Wheely Bugs are fun too.  I think she would like something with wheels!

Well, I think that covers most of it!  What is obvious after making this list is that we have a very girlie girl who I'm guessing will have a lot of princess parties in her near future!  If you have a favorite gift for a two year old, please share!  


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