Parabens, Pulitzer, and Project Life

{20 months old ~ The Dixon Gardens}

Spring is in full bloom and we have been enjoying playing outside the last month.  The temperature has been steadily warming up and soon we will be headed to the beach to kick off the summer.  Part of my spring cleaning this year has been ridding our home of products that contain parabens.  I would guess about 80% of the products we use on a daily basis are already paraben-free, but my husband made a good point when he asked, "You're okay with using parabens 20% of the time?"  

And the answer is NO.  If I can help it, I only want to use 100% natural, mostly organic, paraben-free products in our home and on our bodies.  I realize that it would be rather expensive and time consuming to go 100% all in one day.  So as we use up a product I replace it with a more health-conscious one, researching the best options as we go.  So far we haven't missed any of our old choices.  And it feels really good knowing that we are not putting any harmful chemicals on our body.  I've been pleasantly surprised at how many companies are already taking the necessary steps to remove parabens and other harmful ingredients from their product lines.  As the consumer, we can encourage companies to provide more natural options by supporting these type of products as they come available.  

{modeling her new Lilly outfit}

I took a break from spring cleaning to shop the #LillyforTarget collaboration.  My mom and sister joined us early one Sunday morning where we managed to score lots of cute Lilly for Sienna.  She loves to wear bright patterns so I couldn't resist getting her one of everything in her size!  I bought a couple things in the next size up so she will have a little Lilly for next summer too!  

 {afternoon talk with daddy}

One of the highlights of the month was finally finding a system that will allow me to get all of our pictures off the computer and into a tangible album for viewing and enjoying.  I decided to use Project Life and I think it is going to be a great fit!  I've never scrapbooked before, but this method is so simple!  It beats traditional scrapbooking which mainly focus on embellishing your pictures.  The most time consuming part of the process is choosing which pictures I want printed and waiting for the printed copies to arrive (I order online through the Apple store).  Once I have the pictures in hand, the process is pretty quick!  I completed 3 months of this year's album in only two days!  I love the flexibility of the 3 x 4 journal cards that allow me to include handwritten notes on each page of the album.  It's so easy now to capture everyday moments with our iPhones camera, but it can be overwhelming when trying to figure out what to do with the pictures from there.  Project Life provides the structure I need to organize and record all those little moments into a beautiful keepsake.  


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