Snapshots of 2014

 {October 2014}

As I was making the list for 2014, I couldn't believe how full 2014 was!  That is what I love about these annual snapshot posts.  It is so easy to forget everything that goes into a year, but when I sit down and take time to remember I am overjoyed to recount all of the Lord's goodness and blessing poured out in one year.

1. My sweet Grandma went to be with the Lord at the beginning of the year.  She was my last grandparent still living.  I am so thankful for our last visit together and for the chance to introduce my daughter to her.  On my husband's side of the family, we welcomed a new nephew and Sienna got a new playmate.  They are exactly eight months apart to the day!

2. We took a family vacation to Sandestin over Memorial Day weekend and celebrated my Dad's 70th birthday!  We also went to Jackson, Mississippi four times (a week each time) with Bryant's work and twice to Nashville - once for work and the other a weekend getaway for my birthday!  I can't believe we spent an entire month of the year out of town, but it was really fun to get away every couple of months and spend quality time with our daughter.

3. I took the year off from formally leading a discipleship group since it was my daughter's first year. But I really enjoyed writing for Missional Motherhood the second half of the year.  I shared three posts last year on the site and plan to continue writing this year.  It has been a blessing to be a part of!

4. My Reading List was kind of slim last year.  My little sister said all the children's books I read should count too!  I did finish reading through the OYCB for the fourth time.  I read it slower the last two years, so it basically took me two years to read through the one year plan.  I really enjoyed the slower pace though and felt I was able to dig deeper because of it.

5. Bryant was promoted to Major this year!  He also became a partner in the family business which has been a great learning experience.  It has been fun to have him involved in what has been such a big part of my life.

6. We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in August and we both turned 35 this year.  35 feels like a milestone even though it's not one of the "big" birthdays.  Being halfway through my thirties is a sobering thought, one that encourages me to press on.  I have several goals I want to accomplish before I turn 40!

7.  Sienna turned ONE and we had the best year watching her grow!  The first year is intense, amazing, beautiful and so rewarding.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  And to celebrate we threw her an Under the Sea first birthday party at our home for 50 people.  After the party, I told my husband next year's party was going to be "BIGGER and BETTER."  I was joking of course...  parties are a lot of work!

8. My little sister got married in October!!!  After my daughter's birthday party, we continued the party theme and went straight into wedding shower mode.  I had so much fun celebrating with her for three months, and the big day.... well, it was just perfect!  A lovely garden ceremony followed by the dreamiest reception made it one of the most memorable weddings ever.

9.  Miles, also known as Mae Mae,  turned 7 in November.  What started out as a lonely and at times,  "rough" year for him, ended up pretty okay for the little fellow.  He is now in cahoots with a certain toddler who loves to share her snacks and give free hugs.

10.  My one word for 2014 was INCREASE.  I chose it at the beginning of the year to pray over my family.  I had specific areas I was praying that this would be the year of increase, but at the end of the year I can see how God answered my prayers in other areas I hadn't even thought about.  I nicknamed the year, "A Joseph Year."  I wrote a MM post on Joseph's name and what it meant to his mother, Rachel.  But I love the broader application that Matthew Henry points out in his commentary as well:

"...she takes this mercy as an earnest of further mercy. 'Has God given me his grace? I may call it Joseph, and say, He shall add more grace! Has he given me his joy? I may call it Joseph, and say, He will give me more joy. Has he begun, and shall he not make an end?' "


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