Alabama Road Trip

{Fruit and Cheese Plate at O'Carr's}

One thing we have learned over the years of traveling is that work trips are not vacations.  The packing, planning and scheduling of the trip are a little more rigid than the standard vacation calls for.  It is better to view the trip as "more work than play" to prevent the disappointment that comes when your expectations (of a relaxing getaway) don't meet reality.  With that in mind, this past weekend the three of us headed to Montgomery, AL, for a short work trip.  We stopped in Birmingham on the way there and back to break up the drive. We found several new places to eat in Birmingham: a cutesy lunch spota classic southern BBQ joint for dinner, and a local bakery/ coffee shop that had the yummiest Belgian Chocolate Croissant!  Our time in Montgomery was spent downtown at The MOOseum, Civil Rights Memorial, and Chris' Hot Dogs for lunch.  We also saw the Selma-to-Montgomery re-enactment march arrive at the steps of the Alabama State Capitol.  Martin Luther King III was on the front row leading the march just like his father did 50 years ago.  

{The Summit in Birmingham}

{Selma to Montgomery March 50th Anniversary}


  1. o carr's is soooo good. best milkshake ever.


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