Three Birthdays, Two Trips and A Wedding!

{Sachi Bridal Shower}

I took an unintentional break from the blog this last half of the year.  I think I needed a little time off, but at the same time I missed it.  I really want to do a better job next year of blogging.  At least if it is just the highlights of our life.  So, here is a recap of the last four months...  BIRTHDAYS!  All three of our birthdays are in the last half of the year.  Of course, Little Miss turning one in August was the highlight of our year!  We went all out for Sienna's "Under the Sea" first birthday party.  Seahorses, starfish, ponies and even a pirate came by to wish the birthday girl a happy day!

{birthday girl}

After Sienna's birthday celebration, we went right into two full months of wedding planning and parties!  My little sister had four beautiful showers.  Three of which were given by friends and co-workers and her last shower was a lingerie shower at my house given by me and two other bridesmaids.  The wedding weekend was a dream!  Her big day couldn't have been more beautiful with gorgeous October weather, and the cutest little flower girl you have ever seen!  Yes, she even walked down that brick cobblestone aisle all by herself!!!

{the bride and flower girl}

Weddings are gloriously wonderful and exhausting at the same time!  After catching our breath when all the festivities ended, we decided to take a family getaway to Nashville to celebrate my 35th birthday.  We had the best time!  I feel like this trip celebrated our baby officially becoming a toddler!   I could tell a big difference in her even from just three months ago when we went to Jackson, Mississippi.  She was doing big girl things on this trip like coloring at a restaurant, and eating meals ordered just for her like buttered noodles and apple juice ;) I think we all agreed to make Nashville in November an annual family tradition.  It really kicks off the holiday season and serves as a little R&R before the business of December is upon us.  

{Sixth & Pine at Nordstrom}


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