Snapshots of 2013

{November 2013}

Life has been full!  So full that I am just now taking a few moments to work on my annual list of things I want to remember about 2013.  Better late than never, right?  Since 2009, my New Year's tradition is to share my snapshots from the previous year on the blog.   You can catch up on the last four years of snapshots HERE.  

1. 2013 can be summed up in one word, SIENNA!  I was pregnant most of the year and thankfully had a smooth pregnancy after those first couple of months.  I loved being pregnant and feel like I savored the whole experience.  I wrote some thoughts on my first pregnancy so I can remember those feelings that go along with being pregnant.  In February, we threw a gender reveal party to announce we were having a baby girl and in June, we were given three gorgeous baby showers!  Our computer crashed right around that time so I wasn't able to upload all of our beautiful pictures from my showers.  I'm hoping to find some time this summer to share those pics!  

{First Baby Shower ~ June 2013}

2. Bryant went to Altus, Oklahoma for three months to learn how to fly the C-17.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect as he finished up his training right before our baby girl arrived.  Time apart is always challenging but thankfully he was able to come home on the weekends to help plan, set up the nursery and work on a couple DIY projects around the house.  I even went to visit him for two weeks!  We have quite the memories of road trippin' during my second trimester ;)

3. We didn't take a traditional vacation last year between my pregnancy and Bryant's work schedule.  But we did manage a fun weekend getaway to Dallas, our first road trip to Jackson as a new family and a holiday weekend in Chicago to visit relatives.

4. In May, I finished up a discipleship group that I had been apart of for 17 months.  My time in the leader group was very rewarding in three ways: relationships, accountability and a broad exposure to Christian literature.  The next three months were spent preparing for natural childbirth by reading, taking classes, exercising, and reading some more...  It took 3 months of solid dedication to prepare for the big day but the time invested was worth it.  I've already been able to share with others my experience and see them benefit from a natural birth experience.

5. We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary this year, and not in the traditional way!  At the stroke of midnight I woke up in labor and had contractions for 9 hours before I had a break in my labor.  I rested the remainder of the day and my labor picked up the next day at 2 a.m.  Total time I was in labor: 35 1/2 hours.  18 1/2 of those hours were tough and thankfully the other 17 hours were sandwiched in the middle - giving me a blessed break in natural childbirth.  I couldn't have asked for a better birth story with my first.  What a memorable way to spend our 11th anniversary - definitely the best gift to date!

{one day old}

6. All three of us survived the newborn stage!  This is an accomplishment especially with your first child.  Everything is new and everything changes almost daily.  The learning curve is so steep, especially in those first few months.  I am very traditional when it comes to newborns.  We didn't leave our little nest at home until 6 weeks and visitors were limited.  It was the sweetest time with just our little family.  The world had stopped spinning, and the only thing that mattered was right there in front of us with ten little toes and ten little fingers.

7. In November, a dear friend of mine adopted a little boy.  I am so blessed to have been apart of their journey through prayer.  Watching God work over the year to bring their little boy into their home was one of the highlights of 2013.  And our children are only three months apart!  I know they will be sweet friends in the years to come =)

8. Miles turned 6 in November!  Poor little guy, last year was rough as his mama adjusted to having "two babies" in the house.  We all survived and I am learning how to give him some attention too.  He loves Sienna... maybe a little too much!  We can't seem to separate the two.  They just keep finding ways to share toys and sit right next to each other ;)

9. My reading list for the year was mostly pregnancy and newborn books.  As far as my OYCB, I have read it slower this past year and will most likely take 2 years to read through the 1 year plan.  For a good portion of my pregnancy it was hard to read (thanks to those pregnancy hormones), so this was the perfect time to dig deeper and slow the reading down.  I have actually enjoyed the more relaxed pace and the flexibility to hang out in parts of Scripture a little longer. 

10. I have been thinking what my one word for 2013 was.  It took me some time to figure it out because it was so simple.  PRAY.  2013 was the year many prayers were answered and the year I learned how to pray.  There's nothing like becoming a parent to teach you how to pray.  I learned this not one week after I came home from the hospital.  And I am still learning.  If I will be nothing else, I want to be a praying mama!

"Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him;
I will set him on high, because he has known My name.  
He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; 
I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.  
With long life I will satisfy him, And show him My salvation."
{Psalm 91:14-16}


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