We're goin' to Jackson... {Trip #2}

 {6.5 months}

 The last week of February we went to Jackson again for Bryant's work.  Our first trip to Jackson was in early November when Sienna was just three months old.  It was so fun on this trip to look back and see the changes three months make.  This trip seemed more relaxed since Sienna can go longer in between feedings and the number of daily naps is half of what it was then.  She even tried her first baby food (organic pears) on the trip!  These trips are proving to be a big blessing for all of us with time away for mama and quality time for daddy with his little girl.  And of course it wouldn't have been a trip to Jackson if we didn't try more local restaurants.  Our favorites this trip were Sal & Mookie's, Sombra and Anjou.  
{reading the paper like daddy}

{this little girl loves her daddy!}

{coffee with daddy}

 {visiting friends in Madison}


  1. Gracious! I cannot get over how adorable that first picture is. You have quite a beauty there!


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