Sienna's Dedication

{6 months and 5 days}

Before Sienna was ever born we dedicated her to the Lord.  And now that she is seven months we still are dedicating her to the Lord each and every day.  Last month we publicly dedicated her before our church family on a Sunday night with family and friends surrounding us.  It was a special time to remember what God has done for us and for what purpose He has given us our precious baby girl.  The children's minister at our church said something that really stood out to me.  He said the dedication was not for our daughter but for us as her parents.  Yes, we are giving her to the Lord but in addition to that we are giving of ourselves.  We are choosing to raise her in a godly home with the emphasis on the things of the Lord.  With his help and strength, we commit ourselves to be a willing sacrifice and to model Christlikeness as Sienna's father and mother.  Our prayer is that she will one day at an early age be Jehovah fathered and will grow in wisdom and godliness.

{Sienna's dedication cookies by Sweetlee Done}

{Nena and Papa Mike} 

{Nana and Papa Adams} 

{Aunt Mandy} 

{February 16, 2013} 

{Aunt Pippy and Uncle Pappy}


  1. So cute. What a beauty she already is.


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