Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We're goin' to Jackson... {Trip #2}

 {6.5 months}

 The last week of February we went to Jackson again for Bryant's work.  Our first trip to Jackson was in early November when Sienna was just three months old.  It was so fun on this trip to look back and see the changes three months make.  This trip seemed more relaxed since Sienna can go longer in between feedings and the number of daily naps is half of what it was then.  She even tried her first baby food (organic pears) on the trip!  These trips are proving to be a big blessing for all of us with time away for mama and quality time for daddy with his little girl.  And of course it wouldn't have been a trip to Jackson if we didn't try more local restaurants.  Our favorites this trip were Sal & Mookie's, Sombra and Anjou.  
{reading the paper like daddy}

{this little girl loves her daddy!}

{coffee with daddy}

 {visiting friends in Madison}

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sienna's Dedication

{6 months and 5 days}

Before Sienna was ever born we dedicated her to the Lord.  And now that she is seven months we still are dedicating her to the Lord each and every day.  Last month we publicly dedicated her before our church family on a Sunday night with family and friends surrounding us.  It was a special time to remember what God has done for us and for what purpose He has given us our precious baby girl.  The children's minister at our church said something that really stood out to me.  He said the dedication was not for our daughter but for us as her parents.  Yes, we are giving her to the Lord but in addition to that we are giving of ourselves.  We are choosing to raise her in a godly home with the emphasis on the things of the Lord.  With his help and strength, we commit ourselves to be a willing sacrifice and to model Christlikeness as Sienna's father and mother.  Our prayer is that she will one day at an early age be Jehovah fathered and will grow in wisdom and godliness.

{Sienna's dedication cookies by Sweetlee Done}

{Nena and Papa Mike} 

{Nana and Papa Adams} 

{Aunt Mandy} 

{February 16, 2013} 

{Aunt Pippy and Uncle Pappy}

Friday, March 14, 2014

Zoo Day

{Sienna (7 months) & Easton (14 months)}

There are so many "firsts" with a new baby.  First road trip, first Christmas, first snow... and yesterday we added one more to the list, Sienna's first time at the zoo!  We enjoyed a perfectly sunny day strolling around with friends.  There's something about the zoo that is so nostalgic... the feeling of being a kid again.  It truly is one of my happy places!  And now I get to share it with my sweet little girl!  I look forward to many more trips with her and watching her sweet face take in all of God's amazing creatures.  

{my happy little girl}

{sweet mama and friend}

{look who stopped by!}

{these two sure do love their daddies!}

Thursday, March 6, 2014

We're goin' to Jackson... {Trip #1}

We took Sienna on her first road trip the week before she turned 3 months old.  If you had told me the day we brought her home that we were going to go out of town for a week when she was 3 months, I would have thought it impossible.  But the timing of the trip turned out to be just right.  It was far enough away from the newborn stage that I felt rested enough to tackle the preparation and packing that goes into a week long trip.  And the change of scenery was actually really nice as was mixing up the schedule a bit.  

The one item we couldn't live without was this portable rocking chair we brought with us.  It made nap times and bedtime so much easier.  Because my husband was there for work, we opted to stay at a place with a full kitchen which came in handy when Bryant had to work late.  I was able to eat a lunch or dinner in the room without having to make a special trip out with baby in tow.  When we did make it out, we always ate at local places since Jackson has so many to try.  This trip was really the first time we had Sienna out and about so much.  In fact, Walker's Drive-In was the first place we took Sienna for lunch just the three of us and Babalu was her first dinner out!  We also visited three different Cups, a local favorite of ours.  

Aunt Mandy came down for a few days which was a big help to me while Bryant was at work.   We enjoyed meeting friends for lunch and shopping for Sienna.  We found her dedication dress at a local children's boutique and it was exactly what I had in mind!  Overall, Sienna adjusted really well to all of our outings and thankfully she likes car rides.  What I remember most about this trip is how she started using her hands more.  I watched her hold her WubbaNub for the first time and saw her reach for her bibs and blankets.  It's amazing to watch her grow and make new discoveries.  I am so thankful that I am able to be with my sweet girl every day and share this priceless time with her.  And I'm glad we were able to make some memories together on our first road trip as a family!

{Daddy trying out the new rocking chair}

 {Introducing Sienna to Carrie and Cathy}

 {Celebrating my 34th at Babalu}

 {Shopping at the Renaissance}

 {Hanging out at the hotel}

 {Holding her WubbaNub like a big girl}

{So glad Aunt Mandy came down for a few days!}

{Traveling with a 3 month old}

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow Day!

{Sienna's first snow}

Yesterday's snow day was the perfect way to end the last week and a half of our quality time with daddy.  Bryant still had to work last week in Jackson but he had shorter hours which made one little girl and her mama very happy!  It seems we always get our biggest snow the first part of March here in Memphis.  This was the first time we actually made it out with Sienna so she could enjoy her "first snow."  It really was the prettiest snow we've had in awhile.  There were constant flurries all day long which is quite unusual for us.  And to top it off we enjoyed a family dinner last night with Aunt Mandy's homemade cherry pie.  A perfect day for sure!

{this might just be the cutest picture of Miles ever}

{Sienna finally got to wear her snow suit!} 

{I am in love with this picture!} 

{Daddy's little girl}

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