Sienna Claire {5 months}

{5 months}

We are officially out of the newborn stage and presently in the interactive infant stage.  This past month has produced so many changes from rolling over from back to tummy to a new sound almost every day.  This month has also been a little challenging in the sleep department but that just means more cuddles with mama both day and night.  A big transition was spreading out her naps from every two to three hours during the day.  All that extra awake time has been filled playing and practicing all her new skills.  I've taken casual shots every month of Sienna for her baby book but this month I decided to dress her up and get a few nicer pictures.  As you can tell half of the pictures are of her feet because I realized I didn't have any close ups of them!  She gets lots of comments on how little her feet are and those hands are just as precious when they are not swallowed up by her sleeves.  She might as well learn early that southern girls wear smocked dresses and ruffles like nobody's business. 


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