Christmas Morning

{first Christmas}

Bryant and I always said when we had kids we wanted to spend Christmas morning at home with just our little family.  Sienna was only four and half months this year but I'm glad we went ahead and started the tradition.  It was more fun than I anticipated since she just entered a very interactive stage.  I believe she even helped open some of her gifts!  We kept the gifts simple this year with a few classic pieces she can keep forever like her dedication dress and an engraved pewter heirloom baby spoon.  And of course something fun like the original rubber duck toy for bath time.  

{my first rubber ducky}

{"i think i'll keep him"}

{dedication dress}

{just what mama needed}

{"wow, i made this!"}

{pink wind-up dolphin from our sweet neighbors}

{my first spoon}

{"i'm ready for my nap"}

*and a BIG thank you to Aunt Mandy for capturing Sienna's first Christmas


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