Sienna's Newborn Pictures {2 weeks}

I am so glad I took my photographer's advice on scheduling Sienna's newborn pictures at two weeks old.  My first reaction was that I would not be ready two weeks after giving birth to have my picture taken!  She assured me that the pictures would mostly be of Sienna and only a couple with the two of us.  Plus she advised that it would feel good two weeks postpartum to get dolled up for one day.  And she was right.  I had the best time watching my beautiful baby girl get her picture taken and I remember thinking after our two hour photo shoot that it felt like it had been a "normal" day (not because we have daily photo shoots over here but because it got my mind off of the rigorous newborn schedule).  I would definitely opt for newborn pictures again especially considering newborns change so quickly- even at one month she was so much bigger!  Yes, even those cheeks grew =) These are indeed pictures I will treasure forever.


  1. Ok, it's time to finally 'fess up... I'm a long-time blog lurker, but I just had to comment on how sweet these newborn pics are.

    I'm really not sure how I came across your blog, but I believe it must have been due to some Bellevue friend connection (I went to Bellevue from about mid-nineties to mid-2000's, until moving to Florida with my Navy husband), so we were probably in youth group around the same times.

    I have so enjoyed your posts about your travels (I lived especially vicariously through your Blackberry Farm post as it's on my travel bucket list!), books your reading, family, and so on so I just thought it was high time to say hello!

    Best to you and your sweet little family!
    Ginger Thompson Horton

    1. Thanks for saying hello, Ginger!

  2. Oh my word, these are so precious... And you look just lovely!


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