My First Pregnancy

{39 weeks + 1 day}

November is a special month for me.  Not just because it's my birthday month because everyone knows birthday months are always special.  But because last November our precious daughter was conceived.  It's been one year since the Lord answered our prayers in such a mighty and grand way.  This last year has been all about "Sienna."  I was pregnant for 9 months and now she is 3 months old!  I loved being pregnant.  I really focused in on that time of my life and feel like I enjoyed every stage.  I've had this blog post on the brain for quite some time and now as I'm reflecting a year later, it's the perfect time to jot down a few things that I want to remember about my first pregnancy.

Someone once told me that when you are pregnant... you get a lot of attention!  That is very true.  Everywhere you go heads turn, people step out of the way, hold doors, let you skip in line and chat it up with you.  It really was fun.  The main thing on your mind is your pregnancy so you welcome the attention and the conversation that your protruding belly brings.  One story I don't think I'll forget is when I was in Smoothie King one afternoon and a woman around my age was in front of me with a two year old.  He looked rather behaved to me- no outbursts or meltdowns.  After they picked up their smoothie they left and I stepped up to the counter.  The middle aged man checking me out smiled warmly at my belly like I was an angel (the look that I was starting to recognize by now) and then his demeanor changed and said "Whew, does she have her hands full!"  And I thought "Who?  The woman with ONE child who didn't make a peep in your store?"  And then I realized there seems to be a double standard and my fortune may indeed change.  A woman who walks around with a pregnant belly is so beloved but when the child comes out (and turns two) loving looks may give way to furrowed brows.  It makes me think our society loves the idea of children more than the reality of it.  

Something I didn't realize about pregnancy... the 3 trimesters are so distinct with specific symptoms characterizing each one.  I was familiar with the "sickly" first trimester.  Boy, that was rough.  Two words: survival mode.  While there are so many different levels of morning sickness, mine felt like it would never go away.  My advice is just remember "this too shall pass."  The physical AND the emotional side of it.  I was caught off guard at how "anxious" I felt at first.  I eventually learned it was just hormones and a normal stage of the pregnancy.  It always seemed more intense around 5 to 6:00 every evening.  Once I was more prepared for it, it helped a little.  Eventually it goes away but it was a weird feeling at the time.  I had also heard about the food cravings (which I never really had) but not as much about the food aversions.  I felt hungry but nothing sounded or tasted good.  So weird.  It took awhile before my appetite returned. 

The second trimester really is great.  Not only do you get your appetite back but you get your promised energy back also.  Thank goodness, or I wouldn't have gotten anything done.  It's smooth sailing for awhile and then the end of the third trimester becomes challenging again.  I felt really good until about the last month (around 36 weeks) so I was one of the fortunate ones that had a great third trimester as well.  What I didn't realize is how much my body would start preparing for labor!  I thought labor is one day...  Ha!  I felt pains and sensations for weeks until the big day.  But overall it was pretty cool to experience even that part of pregnancy and looking back I am thankful because it did its job and got me ready for labor.

Something I wished I had been told about pregnancy... is that there are A LOT of decisions to be made.  The first trimester like I said... survival mode.  Then life gets easier in the second trimester.  You find out the gender and begin "the fun planning" of decorating the nursery and registering.  But around the halfway mark I became a little overwhelmed at how much I wanted to do/research/read to get prepared for the big day.  All of a sudden I needed to choose a pediatrician, register for childbirth and breastfeeding classes, make a birth plan, etc.  But all those choices depended on other factors... am I going to choose a delayed vaccination schedule?  If so, that affects the pediatrician I choose.  Am I going to go natural?  If so, which interventions am I going to opt out of?  And so the list went on and on which kept expanding my reading list.  So, I had to just choose one book on each subject that I thought was the most important.  And don't forget about the newborn stage.  The topics are endless on newborns... feeding, sleeping, bonding, growth spurts, etc.  I didn't want to only focus on "the wedding and not the marriage" but there was only so much time to read! 

Something I'll never forget about my first pregnancy... how life-changing it was.  The saying goes, "a baby changes your life."  Well, I think your life changes when you are pregnant.  Your thoughts, emotions, feelings, priorities, and of course, your body.  Every part of your life points to and says "baby."  It's all you want to talk about because frankly it's the only thing on your mind.  And rightly so.  It's one of the most significant events a woman can experience.  It's never to be taken for granted but always cherished, remembered, and honored.  Pregnancy was God's design and it is marvelous.  

Stats on my first pregnancy... Length of pregnancy: 39 weeks and 6 days.  Weight gain: 29 pounds. Gender prediction: boy.  Road trips: Dallas and Oklahoma.  Favorite Purchase: maternity skinny jeans.  Favorite drink: lemonade.  Number of baby showers: 3.  How I captured my pregnancy: gender reveal party, maternity pictures and journaling in The Belly Book


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