Sienna {Week 1}

{3 hours old}

Thinking back on that first week we had Sienna is already nostalgic.  In a way it feels like we have had her forever and it blows my mind that it has only been 10 weeks.  Her birthday is etched into my mind and heart forever - I don't think I could ever forget that day.  It's amazing how fast a newborn changes.  Even in some of these pictures she looks so different from one shot to the next.  Some of the best advice I was given right after we brought her home... "Don't blink!  Memorize everything!  You will want to remember every detail!"  And that is what I am desperately trying to do.  

{first night in hospital}

 {going home outfit}

{first car ride}

 {stretching on daddy's lap}

{meeting miles}

{4 days old}

{this looks like it came straight out of my baby book}

{she loves to sleep with her hands by her face}

{first bath}

{6 days old}


  1. She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! Love those sweet cheeks!

  2. i'm so excited for you guys! she's beautiful! laura d


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