Swaddle me, Hands free

{first time in crib}

The first night we brought Sienna home we noticed she didn't like her hands swaddled!  She wouldn't completely relax until she had worked those little arms free.  So, we just figured it would be easier to swaddle her hands free and we were right...  She loves it can go to sleep easier not being so restricted.  I just adore the first picture with her little fists poking out of the blanket.  I can't get enough of all her cute little poses!  

  {daddy took this beautiful shot}

 {open hands = totally out}

{cheerleader in the making}


  1. She is so beautiful! And I can relate, because M also loved to be swaddled with his hands out. We swaddled him like that forever. :)

  2. You may already know this but, our doctor told us that this is called the archer's pose! All babies do it during the first few months, always the extended arm towards the direction the head is facing. SOOOO cool!


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