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For the last 17 months, I've met with a group of ladies in a "leader group" who are like-minded and passionate about discipleship.  This experience was a first for me and this month I've been processing what the last year and a half have meant to me to have been apart of this group.  There were three requirements for those wanting to participate in the leader group: read a book a month, lead a discipleship group of your own, and learn a thread of the Bible to share with the group.

I've included the reading list of 12 books we read and discussed as a group.  I was impressed at the variety of the books that were chosen.  Some of these I would have never picked up, and am very glad that I was challenged to expand my tastes in Christian literature.  I highlighted my top three picks of the bunch although I really enjoyed them all.  A couple of the books I didn't get to read due to morning sickness and busyness with pregnancy in general but I intend to pick them up at a later date.  The accountability to read a book per month really pushed me to be more intentional with reading which I'm thankful for since now in this stage of life my list of pregnancy books keeps growing! 

I was also able to start my first discipleship group which met for 14 weeks last year.  It was helpful and encouraging to have the monthly meetings with other leaders who were leading groups themselves on a weekly basis.  So, for one week out of the month I would meet twice: once in my discipleship group and the second time for the leader group.  I think the frequency of meeting was just right for this type of group: monthly meetings keeps you accountable but doesn't place too big of a burden on your calendar.

Probably my favorite aspect of the group was spending the majority of the year preparing my thread during my daily readings and then sharing it with the group.  That was such a rewarding experience that I would really like to duplicate that process on a yearly basis.  Pick a thread to focus on for the year and make notes during my daily chronological bible reading.  Then at the end of the year compile the notes on that particular thread from Genesis to Revelation and share it with someone!  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the other ladies share their threads as well.  On several occasions we asked for notes so the whole group could benefit from one another's study. 

In my opinion, this was a fantastic model for a leader group and it could easily and successfully be reproduced.  We have decided to keep meeting quarterly to stay in touch and continue our journey in discipleship together.  I'm so thankful that the timing of the group worked out perfectly for me so that I could be faithful to meet the last 17 months.  Now that baby girl will be here in a couple months I wouldn't be able to keep up the monthly meetings so I am looking forward to the quarterly get-togethers.  Another thing I will take away from this group is the necessity of accountability.  Without it, good intentions stay intentions and are never realized.  It's my goal to continue learning and growing in this next stage of life by maintaining community with those that sharpen, challenge and encourage me. 


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