It's a GIRL!!!!

I wasn't planning on having a reveal party but after a little convincing I decided to go ahead and make our big announcement with friends and family all in one place.  And I'm really glad I did.  After all, it was our daughter's first party!  It made me realize the importance of celebrating our life and the gifts and blessings that God graciously gives us.  And you, baby girl, are one of the sweetest gifts we have ever been given and we can't wait to meet you.  You have already changed our lives forever.

{reveal cake by Sweetlee Done}

{dessert table}

{chocolate-dipped pretzels}

{bow tie cookies by Sweetlee Done}

{baby buggy cookies by Sweetlee Done}

{balloons with confetti}

{the big reveal}

{one happy momma}

{the votes}


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