Thanksgiving Week

Collierville Square train
{Collierville Square}

When your family lives out of town, it makes your time together that much sweeter especially over the holidays.  My older sister's family came in town over Thanksgiving and I was pleasantly surprised at how "grown up" my nephews were at only seven and five.  We had gorgeous weather the whole week which we took advantage of by visiting several parks and the Collierville Town Square.  On Thanksgiving Day, we had a special visitor from the GPD stop by and eat with us like last year on Christmas Day.  I think we may have started a tradition with these special dinner guests!  And look how much the boys have grown since this picture was taken in the spring of 2011.  No more cabooses for them.  They're all about the big engine at the front and center.  At least we had some snuggle time at the end of the day as we watched our favorite Christmas movie and laughed at all the same parts.

collierville train engine
{Max 5; Bo 7}

Aunt Mel
{Aunt Mel}

happy birthday cookie cake
{celebrating Bo's 7th!}

Officer Ginny
{Officer Ginny}

Elf the movie
{watching Elf}


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