Anniversary Trip: Blackberry Farm

Red Barn
{The Barn}

Ever since I discovered Blackberry Farm, it has been on my wish list.  I made the comment before that "just knowing a place like this exists makes me happy." Well, after visiting for a couple nights, I can say this place is a dream.  Our room was absolutely adorable topped with the most comfortable feather bed I've ever slept on.  And without a doubt, The Barn was the most gorgeous restaurant I've ever seen.  I obviously had many "firsts" during our stay because I'll go ahead and add that Blackberry was the most amazing resort we've ever visited.  It truly exceeded all our expectations and was the perfect place to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  I'm afraid all future vacations are ruined.

Guest House
 {Guest House}

Yellow Mandarin Room
{Yellow Mandarin}

morning fog
 {morning fog}

truffle dogs running
{Truffle dogs}

truffle dog up close


The Barn Lobby
{Barn lobby}

entrance to The Barn
{entrance to restaurant}

turndown service
{turndown service)


  1. I'm super jealous! Matt has to go to Ashville for work and I told him sometime I want him to take me and we can stay there :)

  2. BF is actually in Walland, TN about 40 minutes from Knoxville. We stayed here a couple nights on our way home from Asheville =)

  3. B looks like he lives there and owns that truffle dog. Pictures are gorgeous.


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