Summertime Beauty

Now that summer is in full swing, my go-to beauty products include brighter nail polish and higher sun protection.  I really like my everyday SPF 35 sunscreen but after talking to a friend recently who increases her SPF for the summer months I decided to follow suit.   I was worried the higher SPF lotion might be too heavy, but it actually has a very light application and the higher protection comes in handy for all of summer's outdoor activities.  My little sister bought me the perfect coral pink lip gloss that I absolutely adore and I seem to be reaching for it every day.  So much in fact that I bought a blush with similar tones.  Coral is one of my favorite colors in the summer because it makes me think of strawberry lemonade and gorgeous sunsets.  And although I don't worry too much about eye makeup for those summer nights, I do like a tried and true mascara that coats after one application and lengthens my lashes for days. 


  1. "Every girl needs a little Chanel in her life." A tiny bit of "luxury" & way more affordable than a quilted chain handbag!


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