CBT Women's Conference {Ullin, IL}

dinner at Patty Ann's in Hayti, MO

speaking at women's conference in Ullin, iL

speaking at Shawnee Community College

Over the weekend I had the awesome privilege of speaking at a Chronological Bible Teaching Women's Conference at Shawnee Community College in Southern Illinois.  Iva May asked me to speak on discipling youth during a breakout session but due to a higher attendance than expected the leadership decided to have all three of us speak in the main auditorium.  Out of the 100+ ladies that attended the conference there were 20 local churches represented!  It was a blessing to see various denominations coming together with the desire to disciple the next generation.  I'll be honest, preparing for the conference definitely stretched me but of all the emotions I experienced I was most surprised by how much fun I had.  I really enjoyed the entire weekend - the fellowship, the speaking, the traveling and the adventure of it all.  And for a girl who doesn't like travel, adventure or change all I can say is... it was a God thing.

"God will always do more in you than through you." - Iva May


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