Over-the-top Happy

What started out as a "happy" for my little sis who moved into her new place this week turned into an over-the-top basket that weighed about as much as I do and cost three times as much.  It all started at Target (it always does!) a few weeks ago when I saw a cute, blue laundry basket.  I thought if I were the one moving, it would be nice to have some essentials on hand for the bathroom and kitchen.  I was tickled to find items with BLUE labels and BLUE packaging.  My Target finds only filled the basket halfway which led to a second shopping trip.  To my debit card's dismay, EVERY store I visited had my color theme on display.  It was totally worth it though on moving day to see Sister's surprised face.  I'm not sure who loved it more... me or her.  After this week, I've officially decided "happies" are one of my love languages.


  1. I loved it all and will take while to go through and use all this cute, handy blue stuff! So cute, now my kitchen will be organized and color coded like my closet :) thanks for the huge gift and all your help in my move! Love love


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