Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life Lately, according to Instagram



maltipoo hiding

hydrangea bloom

bird exhibit at memphis zoo

memphis zoo date

Mango sorbet with peanuts and cocount milk from Bangkok Alley

Girls' Nite
Bryant's Breakfast

fresh cut sunflower // Sunday brunch at Cafe Eclectic //
miles hiding // first hydrangea bloom // tropical bird house
// girls' night out // best breakfast in town

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spotted: Pippa in French Connection

Not only is my little sister my personal stylist but she also lets me know when a piece she sold me has been spotted like my red anniversary dress from last year.  Last week I was pleasantly surprised when she emailed me that Pippa Middleton was spotted wearing my French Connection print jersey v-neck dress.  I already liked the dress because it's classic and versatile, but I must admit it may have just become one of my summer favorites.  Now, if only I had that Modalu handbag to go with...  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Over-the-top Happy

What started out as a "happy" for my little sis who moved into her new place this week turned into an over-the-top basket that weighed about as much as I do and cost three times as much.  It all started at Target (it always does!) a few weeks ago when I saw a cute, blue laundry basket.  I thought if I were the one moving, it would be nice to have some essentials on hand for the bathroom and kitchen.  I was tickled to find items with BLUE labels and BLUE packaging.  My Target finds only filled the basket halfway which led to a second shopping trip.  To my debit card's dismay, EVERY store I visited had my color theme on display.  It was totally worth it though on moving day to see Sister's surprised face.  I'm not sure who loved it more... me or her.  After this week, I've officially decided "happies" are one of my love languages.


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