Weekday Inspiration

After returning from our lovely weekend at the beach, I was inspired to update my bathroom counter by replacing the Bobbi Brown Makeup Trunk I've used for years to house all my essential beauty products to a more casual option that feels more accessible and less stuffy.  I assumed I would have to purchase a new something since I didn't have anything off the top of my head that would work.  But as I was clearing each piece from the trunk I remembered that the inserts were removable.  The main tray was large enough to hold all of my makeup, current nail polish, and new fragrance.  I've begun arranging the empty trunk in a guest bathroom with towels and soaps for future guests.  I wasn't sure if the end result would seem too cluttered for my taste, but I am really enjoying the open air feel of it. 

{inspiration from Cupcakes and Cashmere}


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