Life Lately

{Marlin fishing in Kona}

How did we get here??  Next week is spring break which means summer is not too far away.  Time definitely flies a little faster these days.  I spent some time alone this week reviewing my calendar and choosing how to invest the majority of my time over the next 12 weeks.  I think this is a quarterly thing for me... planning, looking ahead, and setting goals for where I want to be in three months, six months and a year from today.  Sometimes everything seems to come all in one season, like house inspiration.  The last two months I've been largely consumed with house projects.  Parties truly are the best motivator to get your house in order.  Even the small gathering I hosted last month proved to be no exception.  I'm always amazed at how much we can get done with a few concentrated weeks at home.  Now that my brain is tired of hanging pictures and playing with colors, I'm looking forward to focusing on a few other projects unrelated to the home.  By the looks of things, my husband also enjoyed some much needed R&R this week.  After all, he was the one doing all the picture hanging.


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