Holiday Weekend in San Francisco, part III

{American Cupcake in San Francisco}

Some people look for art museums, others look for international cuisine... me?  I look for local cupcake shops when visiting a new city.  Believe it or not, if you look for a cute cupcake shop when you're out of town it will lead you to a nice/fun/interesting part of the city that you would like to see anyway.  At least it's the kind of places I like to visit =) Sure enough, American Cupcake was located on Union Street which was one of the famous streets in San Francisco.  As I mentioned, this was my favorite cupcake experience to date.  I loved the lights, the presentation of the cupcakes, and all the extra details like the curly ribbons tied on the napkins.  The frosting was smooth and fluffy and not as sweet as I usually like it, but I would visit this swanky shop again just for the atmosphere.  It would make a great date night!


  1. this looks like such a fun trip! david and i visited alcatraz once and thought the tour was GREAT!


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