Snapshots of 2011

{New Year's Eve}

 The two of us spent the weekend in Nashville for some much needed R&R.  It was the first year of our married life we rang in the new year out of town.  I love the lazy days leading up to and following the new year.  They give me lots of time to reflect and recap on the previous year.  2011 was an EVENTFUL year.  If my blog posts didn't have dates, I would never believe (or remember) all the joys and sorrows this one year has produced.  Here's what we'll remember most...

1. Bryant's back.  Two words when put together in one sentence bring back lots of memories, emotions and lifelong lessons.  Bryant's back injury actually occurred at the end of 2010 but this was the year of healing, waiting and living in spite of and because of that injury.  Today Bryant is doing great.  He is flying again and his back is steadily improving.  We are thankful for the good report but also thankful for what we've learned and how we've grown in ways you only do during a season of trials. 

2. I became a manager this year at work.  I have welcomed the change and thoroughly enjoy my new position.  I have a theory that the average person makes a significant change in his/her work every seven years.  It was my eighth year in sales - I figured I was a year overdue!

3. House projects... not so many this year.  A simple mudroom makeover is as far as we got.  The list for 2012 has already begun.  We'll see how far we get.  Lest we forget, 2011 left a tree on our house (which we had removed)!  Let's hope this next year brings blue skies and calm winds. 

4. Miles turned 4 this year, and took 40 trips to the vet.  Not really.  Though it sure felt like it.  Major knee surgery, minor nose surgery, a left ear infection and his first upper respiratory infection were the major events in his little life this year.  In hopes to stay home more this year, I unofficially added "dog groomer" to my resume to prevent any more trips to the vet due to stinky mobile grooming vans.  

5. We had a couple big birthdays this year... Ellie turned 1 and my Grandma celebrated her 95th!  Bryant and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and I met up with some dear friends this fall for our 10 year college reunion!

6. Bryant and I didn't take a big vacation again this year just the two of us.  But we went on LOTS of trips with friends and family and a couple of short weekend trips which is becoming a real favorite of ours.  The first half of the year we went to Cabo, Destin and Pickwick with friends.  And the second half of the year we took 2 weekend getaways: the first to Greenwood and Jackson and our most recent New Year's weekend in Nashville.  Family trips included Chattanooga, Orlando, Chicago and San Francisco.  Posts on San Fran coming soon!

7. Our trip to Cabo was very special because we went with our friends, Sam and April.  I am thankful for the memories that were captured in my heart on that trip.  A few short months later April learned her cancer had returned and six months later the Lord called her home.  Experiencing the loss of a friend was new to me - April was the first.  But He was there.  His presence and grace was manifested in April's life and in her death in a way I've never seen before.  Bryant's grandmother also went home to be with Jesus this year.  We've seen many friends and family go through heartache and suffering this year. And we have learned that He really is enough.  Only Jesus.  Only Him.

8. The Lord has opened a couple of ministry opportunities up for the two of us.  Bryant has spent time at the Warriors Center once a week ministering to the residents and I have been discipling 10th grade girls at our church.  These opportunities have been a time of growing for us and are always the highlight of our week (and year)!

9. I couldn't complete this list without mentioning The One Year Chronological Bible which has been and is a huge part of our lives.  Reading through the OYCB twice has given me a strong outline of God's story.  This year I am determined to know more of God's story - the details.  I want to start filling in the pieces so that I know it completely and can share it anytime with anyone.  Iva May says, "You don't know what you can't recall."   And I am so very excited because Iva May is writing all new devotional material for her blog!

10. I would sum this year up as a time of waiting.  Everyone goes through times of waiting.  How we respond in this infamous time of waiting is so very important.  Waiting is one of the tools God uses to develop His children for leadership.  I wouldn't trade this time of waiting for anything.  It's in this time that we can experience God in a way that only those who wait on Him can experience Him.  His Word is true, His promises are sure and His faithfulness endures forever.  "Trust in the LORD forever, for in YAH, the LORD, is everlasting strength." - Isaiah 26:4

Happy New Year, everyone! 

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