Holiday Weekend in San Francisco, part I

{view from our room on Union Square}

After my mom and I spent a couple days in San Carlos for business last month we headed over to San Francisco for the weekend where my sister and aunt joined us.  Even though we were just there for a couple days I felt we managed to see the main tourist spots and have a good amount of downtime for shopping, eating and visiting.   One of my favorite parts of the trip was exploring Union Street where we started the morning with brunch, shopped both sides of the street well into the afternoon, and ended with my favorite cupcake experience to date.  Overall, San Fran was a little too crazy for me so if this is my first and last trip that's fine by me...

{Golden Gate Bridge}


{Pacific Puffs on Union Street}

{Cheengoo, an adorable pet shop where I picked up this for miles}

{That Takes the Cake, a small but charming cupcake shop}


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