Twelve Gifts of Christmas: the first gift

{short caramel apple spices}

The only disappointment about the holidays is when you find yourself fighting off the seasonal cold (and if you're real unlucky, the flu).  The month of December is too short to be spent staying inside and resting...  like I have been the past two days.  It makes me feel like I'm missing out on all the festivities.  I wanted to spend the weekend buying presents for loved ones and singing Christmas carols at church, but instead I made a visit to the local minor medical office.  I really appreciate that they are open on rainy Sundays so I brought a little holiday cheer with me to show my appreciation.  And then I had the idea... why not give more of these unexpected gifts during the Christmas season?  As I'm out this month there will be plenty of opportunities to take an extra five minutes and think of others.  A cup of coffee is not expensive but the act of kindness is priceless.  What better time of year to share the love of Christ with a lost world?  Join me by giving twelve gifts this Christmas to a complete stranger and either blog about it or leave a comment sharing your story. 


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