Christmas with my nephews...

{Christmas Eve}

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and enjoyed having my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews in for a visit.  Christmas Eve we all went to the evening service at church and then gathered at my parents' house for a delicious meal.  There were presents galore and it was a fun night of opening our gifts one at a time or for the boys two or three at a time.  Everyone met on Christmas for a matinee and then came to our house for dinner.  We had a surprise guest for the boys... one of Bryant's friends is a Germantown Police Officer and he came by just in time to have dinner with us.  What a fun night!  You can imagine the hilarious conversation and questions that were asked at the dinner table.  My favorite was when Max said, "Josh, Josh, I think I heard your radio go off.  You better check that."

{three sisters}

{opening army helmets from mom and dad}

 {Officer Josh and Bo}

{The pilot and co-pilot}

{wearing Uncle Bryant's flight suit}


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