Monday, November 28, 2011

Burlap Table Runner

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and for the first time in nine years of marriage I spent the remainder of the holiday weekend decorating for Christmas.  Every year I travel to Nashville the week after Thanksgiving for a short business trip.  And this year I'm still pinching myself that when I come home in three days my house will be warm, bright and merry {big pat on the back}.  I'm really pleased how my DIY burlap runner for my dining room table turned out.  I usually omit a table runner since I can never find one I like, but this year I improvised and bought two yards of burlap from Hobby Lobby.  I think the burlap adds just the right amount of warmth to the table without compromising the rustic, natural feel of the garland.

{cut the ends of the burlap with pinking shears to reduce fraying}

{gather the ends and tie with a 4" wired ribbon}

{fill the center with garland, pine cones, jingle bells and acorns}

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miles is 4!

{bird watching}

 Miles turned 4 last Friday on 11.11.11!  The party had to be postponed because he had minor laser surgery on his nose last Wednesday.  Poor guy, this has been a rough year!  First his knee surgery in the spring and now this.  Hopefully this next year will be filled with good health and yummy treats.  We'll have to spoil him this Christmas by putting lots of these in his stocking.  Who would have thought I could love this little guy so much?

Happy birthday, mister miles!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Coconut Milk Smoothie

{strawberries, blueberries, frozen banana & coconut milk}

I usually pass on smoothies due to my milk allergy, but this new found substitute for milk has my blender back on the counter most days.  I've always wondered if I could have coconut milk.  It seemed too good {and creamy} to be true - like there was some hidden dairy in there somewhere.  It does say "dairy free" right on the container so I'm just gonna have to go with it.  I have really enjoyed this healthy mid-morning snack the past couple of weeks.  Today I mixed in some Vitamin C powder to get ready for cold season.  And since you can't take your blender with you {most days}, keep it simple and add it to the breakfast menu.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Evening

{my calendar}

I've had somewhere to be every night the past 7 nights.  Last weekend I went to the women's conference at our church and Monday night I was invited by a friend to a Downline Ministries event to hear the author of this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed both events.  I walked away from the weekend reflecting on how everything in my life is a reflection of the Gospel - my marriage, my womanhood and even the way I dress.  Monday night, Dr. Coleman spoke about being a "world Christian."  A world Christian lives today with the awareness, desire and passion to make disciples in every nation.  It's understanding that being led by the Spirit is a necessity in fulfilling the Great Commission.  These two complementary truths have given me much to think about this week.  Tonight I'm looking forward to a little downtime that's hard to come by this time of year. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tribute to April

Thank you for all of your prayers this past week and for your continued prayers.  Last Friday, April took her last breaths on this earth and took her first breath in eternity.  Her funeral was on Monday and it was a beautiful day.  A hard day but a beautiful day spent remembering precious April and praising the name of Jesus.  April's life will be remembered by her faith in God and her love for her family.  She was truly a Titus 2 woman and a Proverbs 31 woman.

My first impression of April as we met for dinner many years ago was a godly woman who was faithfully praying for her husband.  It was her encouragement that led me to read this book some years later.  God blessed Sam and April with three children in eight years of marriage and she was a wonderful mother.

April was a loyal friend.  She was genuine, trustworthy and thought more highly of others than herself.  She was sweet inside and out.  Her beautiful smile was always present.  Even in her two year battle with breast cancer, she remained steadfast to who she was in Christ Jesus.  His ambassador and faithful servant.

I'll never forget her response the night she found out her cancer had returned.  It was one of complete surrender to the Father's will.  The first words out of her mouth were, "Jesus is coming back soon.  And if he wants to take my life..."  And then instead of words came an exhale.  Except it wasn't an involuntary exhale as one does without thinking, it was a release from within.  I saw her submit her will, choosing to believe God is good and His purpose divine. 

April would be the first one to say that God is good and His plan has meaning and it has hope.  April's legacy is a legacy of faith and submission to the Master's plan.  Her story has now been added to those in the hall of faith.  She is now a part of the great cloud of witnesses that have gone before us and encourage us to FINISH WELL.  And from her view I know she'd say, "It is worth it.  HE is worth it."

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