{Reading List} October

If you're like me you have more books on your reading list than you have time to read.  I always seem to have a dozen books that I want to read (and are sitting on my bookshelf) but by the time I get to them some other title has grabbed my attention.  The worst is when you start a book and then put it down long enough that when you return to it you have already forgotten the beginning or it's hazy at best.  I would love to finish a book without having my next one already picked out.  My husband feels the same way and we decided the solution was not to stop buying books but to read MORE.  So we have determined to pick a book each month and stick with it!  A book a month is pretty doable, right?  So here's my pick for October and this is his.  I had already started my book over a year ago (gasp) but now is a good time to jump back in since we are currently reading the Gospels in our Chronological Bible.  His pick is actually one of those books I bought awhile back and never got to (see what I mean?).  He says it's a real eye opener of past and current events.  I realize we are already a good ways into the month but I had to finish one other book before we got started.  So tell me, what's on your reading list this fall?


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