{Pinterest Recipe} Mini Maple Pancake Muffins

I'm a total trend eater.  Always have been and still am to this day.  I eat a certain food for a period of time and then one day it hits.  I don't start to burn out... I am burned out!  You never know what 24 hours can bring in the life of a trend eater.  Pancakes were a big hit on the menu around the high school/ beginning of college years.  Since then... well, you know the drill... not so much.  But when I saw this new take on an old favorite, I thought I would give this easy recipe a try.  Too bad I forgot to add the sugar to the batter.  As a last resort, I sprinkled some sugar on top.  And I used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate which made them taste more like a chocolate chip cookie.  There's nothing better than starting out the week with a homemade breakfast treat. 


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