The Delta

{lunch spot on Main Street}

On our way to my college reunion, we stopped in Greenwood and stayed at The Alluvian for a night.  We had a wonderful time during our stay with great food, an afternoon spent at the spa, and a trip to the coziest bookstore I've ever seen.  The next day we went on The Help tour and saw the local homes they used in filming the movie.  We were given an individual tour of the Cotesworth Plantation in North Carrollton which was used for Celia Foote's house.  We were told that the actress, Jessica Chastain that played Celia Foote, is a vegan.  So when she takes a bite out of the fried chicken in the movie it's really just tofu that they made to look like a piece of chicken.  It's too bad because they sure do know how to make fried chicken in the Delta.  

 {Baptist Church}

{Hilly Holbrook's House}

{Aibileen Clark's House}

{Celia Foote's House}

{breakfast table where Celia Foote and Minny Jackson shared a meal together}


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