Answers in Genesis

{ark encounter opening spring 2014}

On Sunday, Ken Ham from the Answers in Genesis ministry, spoke on apologetics and the book of Genesis at Bellevue.  If you have never heard him, he is amazing!  Have I mentioned that Genesis is my favorite book of the Bible?  I could listen to him for hours just soaking up His wisdom and knowledge of the Scriptures.  And I had no idea how many resources they offer!  I really wanted to purchase one of everything, but considering I already have a lengthy reading list I decided on just two books for now.  You can view my selections here and here.  But then when I was looking on the website, I was intrigued by this book and added it to my order with this to get free shipping.  I'm already looking forward to taking a trip to the Creation Museum and cannot wait for this full-scale Noah's Ark to be built!  What a great outreach project to invest in.  If you are interested, you can donate HERE


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