Sheffield Summer Sale

One of my favorite places to shop for the home is Sheffield Antiques Mall.  I will drop in from time to time and more times than not walk away with a unique find.  On occasion it's a large piece, more often it's a small find and then there's the in-between piece that doesn't make or break a room but adds just the right touch.  It can be a piece of art, a unique accessory or in this case a wooden stool.

I've often wondered if a stool would work in our kitchen next to our back door and windows.  We have a lovely orchid that unfortunately can't get enough sunlight when placed on the kitchen table.  So the orchid permanently resides on our kitchen floor next to the window where it gets the perfect amount of sunshine.  Well thanks to the annual summer sale at Sheffield we picked up this wooden stool and I think it works well in our space. 

No more orchid on the floor and we gained an extra seat when needed =)

The Sheffield Summer Sale is 10 to 40% off most vendors and lasts until July 10, 2011.


  1. how cute! my first thought was "but nope, i couldn't do that in my house bc little A would pull up on it and have it falling on her head." ha. we sit our orchid on the kitchen table. it's the only flower that withstands my negligence and stays alive!


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