Mudroom Makeover

One of the most frequented rooms in our house is the mudroom.  At any given time this room can be overtaken by laundry on drying racks, bags set aside for Goodwill, and pool/gym gear.  So when we saw this unique piece on closeout at La Maison Antiques our wheels started spinning.  I loved the open shelves for storage but wasn't sure if it would be a perfect fit.  Since it doubles as a server, I knew it was a great piece that could work in several rooms if we wanted to relocate it down the road.  And one thing I've learned about buying for your home... if you love it, get it. 

My instinct was right.  It looks GREAT in the mudroom and I managed to fit everything in this room that was there before except now it's in neat little rows.  Take a look...


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