Cake Pop Favors

I learned a few things last week when I made these cake pop favors for a baby shower. 


1. Safflower oil is not a good substitute for canola oil when baking a cake.  It repels candy melts.

2. Kids love oily chocolate cake balls as a mid-afternoon snack after swimming in the pool.  Especially with a little frosting on top.

3. Keep extra candy melts and paramount crystals on hand when making cake pops.  Like DOUBLE the amount you think you need.  **Big thanks to Hubs for driving to Mary Carter in the middle of his packing for a long trip to retrieve the aforementioned supplies.**

4. You must melt the candy melts in a medium sized bowl vs. a small bowl that heats up too quickly and overcooks the candy melts.  Because then you have lumpy candy and you're back to #3.

5. Humid, hot July is NOT the season for cake pops.  Check back in the fall.  

Oh for the *former* love of baking!


  1. I am loving being a new follower of your blog. So cute! And these are adorable. Obviously a huge pain, but looks like they were worth every bit of trouble. Darling!

  2. Thanks, Anna! Glad to know you have a blog also ;) I added it to my Reader!

  3. Josh ate the one I brought home and said it was GREAT. I thought they looked lovely! But I do feel your baking woes, especially with needing extra ingredients to allow for error. Baking in general can be very frustrating. And humidity is no friend! I have always melted my Mary Carter candy melts using a double boiler method. But I have always melted my Michael's candy melts in the microwave. I've used them for suckers and cake pops, but my cake pop experience is limited.

  4. I think I will try Michael's candy melts next time since everyone at Mary Carter kept stressing the fact that their candy melts are very particular and not recommended for the microwave.


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