Pure Barre

Tonight I finally was able to attend a class at Pure Barre.  The popular franchise opened in Germantown at the end of last year and they are doing so well they will be opening up a second location in Midtown this year.  The workout combines strength and stretching exercises and incorporates Pilates and the ballet barre - which I'm a firm believer in both!  I've taken Pilates and ballet classes for several years and absolutely loved them, so when I heard that PB mixes these elements in a 55 minute class I had to try it.  I'm all about low-impact exercise with maximum results!  The best part is that they have multiple classes a day/seven days a week which works with my busy schedule!

And did I mention they sell Lululemon yoga wear?!! 


  1. Reeeally!! I did not know you could purchase Lululemon anywhere in Memphis. I'd love to try the class, too, although I'm sure I'd be a spectacle.


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