Wednesday's Answer

Last Tuesday, I asked for prayer for my dear friend who was faced with the possibility of her breast cancer returning.  The next day she received some heartbreaking news that her cancer had indeed returned and had spread to her liver, lymph nodes and bones.  Over the next 48 hours the shock of the news began to settle and the sobering reality of what may come produced an ache in my heart and a longing in my soul.

On Friday, April received the full report from her PET scan and overall, the report was seen as encouraging.  Instead of stage 4 cancer, April's diagnose remains at stage 3b.  April does not have liver cancer but breast cancer that has traveled to her liver.  And the cancer is not in her bone marrow, but the calcium part of her bones - mainly in her chest wall and sternum. 

April is trying to get an appointment with MD Anderson as early as next week to determine which treatment she will receive and where she will receive it.  They are looking to begin her treatment as soon as possible since the cancer is considered a fast-growing cancer and because April is already experiencing pain due to the inflammation in her chest wall.

Please continue to pray for healing for April and for wisdom and direction for the upcoming decisions that will have to be made concerning her treatment.

I will never forget Easter Sunday 2011, as I sat with April's family - all 18 of them filling two rows in the Bellevue sanctuary- watching them praise and worship the Lord.

I received the following text on Tuesday of this week.  In the course of one week a prayer that was offered has been answered-- although not as we wanted it to be answered-- and from the answer a response has been offered --that of ourselves would never have been offered. 

The Christian's Weapon is Praise. Praise is the opposite response we have to problems, but since this world is going the wrong way, would that not make the opposite response correct? Praise is what Jesus taught us to pray, "Hallowed be thy name". Praise is the Conclusion to the troubles of Job. Like Job, we respond with questions and defenses, concerned about our life and reputation. Praise puts us in a position where we are concerned about the Lord's life and reputation. Praise is the supernatural response that our natural mind would never discern.


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