{Spring Storm} April 2011

For the last four weeks, we've seen storms every week here in the Mid-South and they always happen to be on a Monday.  Our part of town saw quite a bit of damage on Monday, April 4th as straight line winds uprooted many trees in the area.  My husband and I were home when the tornado sirens started going off.  We were both in our master bedroom getting ready to head downstairs when Bryant said, "We need to go NOW."  He later told me that he was hearing branches hit our roof (and there are no trees on that side of the house).

I had just finished putting my shoes on (something I remembered is important if a tornado is headed your way) and as I was walking out of our closet into the bathroom I heard a very loud noise.  My first thought was that the tornado must be right by our house and the damage has started!  Bryant, a.k.a "Mr. Landscaper", knew exactly what it was - that the neighbor's Sweet gum tree had just fallen on our house.  If you know Bryant, you know this nickname fits him well.  Not only could he tell you where every tree is located at our house and at the neighbors' house, he probably could tell you the layout of each yard in our entire cove ;)

As soon as we heard the loud BOOM, we immediately ran downstairs to take cover and I started praying and texting my friends who I knew were out in the storm not to head back home and to take cover where they were.  One of my friends in our neighborhood had her fence blown down on both sides of her backyard.  It was such a strange sight to see; it was clear that the path of the storm went straight through her backyard and nothing in its way was left standing.

Overall, we were very fortunate.  If a 60 foot tree had to fall on our house, it fell on the perfect spot.  It fell on the corner of our house where the two walls meet which acted like a reinforcement against the weight of the tree.  We were told if it had fallen on the side of the house instead of the corner, it most likely would have gone through the roof.  We also believe the tree fell very slowly since Bryant heard the branches beating against the roof before the fall.  The tree's slower momentum on the way down was another blessing in that it didn't have enough force to fall through our roof and into our house.
We had to wait until the next day to have the tree removed since all the cranes were tied up in the city.  There were trees down all of over the city in streets, on cars and in houses.  We were very blessed that our damage wasn't greater than it was.  On the outside of our house, the roof and gutter needed to be repaired and the walls in our master bedroom needed some work.  When the tree hit, the corner of our master bedroom wall cracked all the way down to the floor as did the wall by the window frame on the front of the house.  None of the damage on the inside of the house was structural so with some dry-wall repairs and fresh paint we are back to normal over here.  We will need to have our front lawn smoothed out and possibly resodded after the tree service truck and crane drove on our lawn to get access to the tree.

We are very thankful for the Lord's protection through these storms!   We received several remarks from neighbors and friends that drove by stating they couldn't believe the tree didn't fall through our roof.  It was a pretty spectacular sight to see this huge tree just leaning on the corner of our house.  Spring Storm 2011, you are just another opportunity to praise our GREAT God for His mighty care!


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