{Beauty Tuesday} Healthy Spring Skin

Now that Spring break is on my radar, I'm one happy girl.  A little bit of sunshine goes a long way - for your soul and your skin.  But even during the winter months one thing I never take a break from is my sun protection.  If I don't put anything else on, I make sure to wear sunscreen every day.  Even on overcast days the sun's rays are still making their way through to our skin.

With so many options to choose from in the sun care category, the first choice is deciding whether to combine your daily moisturizer and sunscreen in one or to use a stand alone sunscreen.  It depends on your lifestyle and if you prefer the simplicity of one application or the flexibility of picking and choosing your favorites from a couple skincare lines.  These are some of my top picks...


  1. Love Obagi products! Sun protection is so important!


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