Hot Chocolate

My sister-in-law gave me some hot chocolate over the holidays.  Anyone who knows me well knows I've had my fair share of hot chocolate over the years.  It's pretty much one of my favorite things in life.  Everything's better with hot chocolate.  A date, a shopping day, a late night and especially a SNOW DAY.

This hot chocolate recipe is actually non-dairy and is one of the best recipes I've had that uses water instead of milk.  Beware, it is so addictive! 

Non-Dairy Hot Chocolate Mix
-16 oz. non-dairy creamer
-1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
- 1 cup confectioners sugar
- 1 cup Nestle's Nesquik

Mix all ingredients in large bowl and stir thoroughly.
Add 3 tbsp. of mix to 6 oz. hot water.
Top with whipped cream for all those lovers of cream (Hubs) and a soft peppermint stick for all those lovers of mint (Mel).


  1. I love the home made hot chocolate beth made too! I didn't have the non-dairy but I think they were pretty much the same except it used regular creamer instead of non-dairy. that looks yummy! I think I will go make some and put one of the king leo peppermint sticks you gave us in there too! :)

  2. can't wait to try it! it is so close to the kind my mom makes--but instead of cocoa, she uses nonfat dry milk. let's talk about the mug, too. where'd you get it?! love it.

  3. I got it when I was in Liverpool, England. Home of the Beatles!


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