Snapshots of 2010

Another year is turning over and this morning I have pressed the rewind button for a little while in order to remember, reflect and rejoice for all the days that the Lord gave us in 2010.  This year has really been a sweet year for our family.  Here are the highlights of our year...

1. Bryant was home more this year!  I mentioned last year that his schedule slowed down the last half of the year.  It seems his slower schedule carried over to 2010.  Even with Bryant becoming qualified to do aerial refueling this year, he hasn't had to increase his number of trips and we have both enjoyed having him home more.

2. I went part time this year and love it!  My slower schedule + Bryant's slower schedule = loving life in 2010.

3. We celebrated 1 year in our new house this year!  Time goes by quickly but in a way this house seems like it has been home for much longer than a year.  We are now finished with all the big projects we wanted to do this year.  Our most recent projects entailed: small updates in the master bath, wood shelving in closets, and painting the exterior of the house.  

4. Miles turned 3 this year.  He's sweeter than ever and his personality is more even.  He loves company more now and only gives a warning bark when someone comes in instead of sounding the alarm.

5. I couldn't leave out our newest addition to the family, our 3 month old niece, Ellie.  Buying for a girl is fun with all the dresses, bows and ruffles!

6. We didn't take a big vacation this year, instead we had our first Staycation!  After all our work on the house, the week at home was perfect.  We did go on several short trips to Pickwick, Muscle Shoals and San Antonio.  Plus, I visited a city I can now cross off my travel list, Vegas

7. Bryant and I both turned 30 + 1 this year and celebrated 8 years of marriage!  He was home for his birthday this year for the first time in several years.  In fact, he was home the entire month of December, a first in 5 years.

8. We joined a new Bible Fellowship class this year.  We absolutely love Eric and Penny Brand.  It is a blessing to sit under such a gifted teacher of God's Word.  We are very excited about the class and look forward to what God has in store in the years to come.

9. We have seen the healing hand of God in the life of a dear friend.  A year ago our sweet friend, April, was diagnosed with breast cancer and today she is cancer-free.  We give our Healer all the praise and glory!

10.  I read through the Bible chronologically this year.  And have just finished reading through the New Testament for the second time!  I read it like a novel from the beginning to the end.  I finally get God's story.

11. My blog celebrated its 1 year anniversary this year and received a new look.  I ♥ Penny Lane Designs.

12. This year I have learned that without faith it is impossible to please God.  It is so simple yet it is so difficult.  It's all He requires.  It's all that matters.  I can lay all the other stuff aside- the things I think are mine to offer God - and all that is left that really matters is if my heart trusts in God.  The trust that completely relies on Him to come through for me and the dependency on Him that drives me to desperately seek Him to give me wisdom for this life.  And as I am living this faith life,  my heart rests in perfect peace knowing my God is able to do exceeding ABOVE all that I ask or imagine according to the Power that works in me.  And my response can be nothing less than a life offered in continual praise to Jesus Christ, who is worthy of power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise forever and ever.

"But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." - Hebrews 11:6


  1. Happy New Year to one of my favorite people!! I'm crossing my fingers that I get to see you in a few weeks and hear about more of these things in detail (and in person!). Love to the Langleys in 2011!


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